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Rev, Dr. Nathan

Pastoral Message

Greetings in the Strong and Saving name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this web page. We consider this tool of engagement to be an extension of the ministry which God has placed in our stewardship. In my estimation, God has positioned our church in a wealthy place; a place where the possibilities for ministry and witness are countless. We are a church planted in the heart of the Eastlake community on Division Avenue, yet our mission compels us to encourage, empower, enable and bring people together in faith and fellowship. To be sure, everyone in the community doesn’t belong to Grant, but Grant belongs to the community. We welcome you to visit with us as we explore the path of the Christian experience.

The Right Reverend Harry L. Seawright, Presiding Bishop

The Reverend Bruce W. Hunter, Presiding Elder

 The Reverend  Dr. T. Eric Nathan, Pastor

Come join us for an awesome “Worship Experience”.Home